Sunday, 26 February 2017

How Technological Changes and Adoption of Internet is Beneficial for Small Businesses?

Dev B. Kaushik

If you want to survive your business in today’s technological world we live in, it is must to keep yourself abreast with the changing trends. No matter what your business is, keeping pace with the technological trends can completely change it. The rise  of big E-commerce chains is simply killing the local businesses in India. Do you know why? This is because these e-commerce websites are using technology and internet. 

Big e-commerce brands are aggressively expanding their business and if local businesses will also make use of technology they too can compete with such brands. 

About 93 percent of Indian retail is still in with the local shopkeepers. E-commerce websites give people chance to book their products online and get them delivered at their doorstep. Customers just need to take out their smart phones from pocket to book any product and need not go anywhere physically. Many electronics stores and other local businesses are drowning their shutters due to the growing businesses of big brands offering products online. So, embracing technology has become imperative for small businesses. 

Going local makes sense

A retailer from Mumbai without any online business presence says,”Yes, online retailers are affecting our sales, but what we can do. Right now, things are sustainable, but if the future is internet/digital    then we will have to do something about it.”
Another retailer from Delhi tells us,”Yes, online sales have affected the market badly. I don’t know how they manage to sell products so cheap.” But did you know that out of top 20 retailers selling online have started primarily as brick and mortar retailers in the US?  We can learn a lesson from them. The Indian retail market is geared to scale up from $650 million to $1 trillion by 2020, a great opportunity for all the local and small businesses in retail sector. 

Technological empowerment for local businesses 

So are we late? Not really! Keeping pace with technological advancement and making an online presence, we can beat the world. A technological change can bring out many opportunities and advantages for small businesses. It will definitely boost consumer’s expectations.

Going local has become a new trend and a large number of consumers today prefer local marketplaces in their neighborhood area. Small businesses in India are now embracing advance technology to stand at par with the big brands.

How can you attract more customers to your local business?
Here is one of the suggested actions that local business might be interested to have a look at, in order to attract more customers.

Register yourself with the online platform like You might have heard about the popular online directories. Well, it’s good to get your business listed there but the problem is that these are big platforms where the big players are gambling. So you need to primarily focus on the places where your local businesses run prominently. Go for the shopview platform which is dedicated to support small businesses. It is a free platform where you can easily register your business, products and services to sell them quickly in your neighborhood. 

Making local businesses online with technological empowerment offers a free app for small businesses. Simply register your store and see more sales coming your way from the local marketplace of your neighborhood. You need not be a tech savvy and the handling process is very simple. You can easily change the products and prices of your displayed products at through your mobile or laptop. 

Shopkeepers can deliver products at the doorstep of the customers in the nearby area. The payment will be either given to them in cash or deposited in account as per their preferences. At, we will assist shopkeepers in all possible ways to upload products at and get more sales from local customers. We will also assist local business owners and service providers in delivering the products at the doorsteps of customers. 

Join shopview and give technological wings to your local business for free. 
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