Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Get Exposure in Your Community with the Shop Local Movement

Dev B. Kaushik

Shop Local, Buy Local! We toss these phrases around our world in today’s retail trend. When you are shopping locally or shopping small, you are supporting yourself.

But is it really important for the businesses? As per a local survey, independent businesses who participated in local shopping campaigns reported a revenue growth of around 9.2% which is nearly double of the increase of those who didn’t participated.  Highlight your business if you want to set yourself apart from the big box chain businesses.
Further supporting the communities creates jobs, increases salaries and also improves the well-being within the local community.  If you wish to gain exposure in the community, follow these tips and jump into the movement of shop local campaigns:
Gather resources: First, let the experts do the framework. With local shopping platform like Shopview.in, getting the right information is easy. This popular local shopping app will guide your properly to support your business.
Increase your visibility in community:  Join a local community and organizations dedicated to helping local businesses. They have good resources to focus in the markets in your local area. It will bring credibility to your business and increase the visibility of your business in your local marketplace.
Create a neighborhood team:  After joining hands with main street organizations, now it’s time to become your own community cheerleader. Be a shop local ambassador and advocate the shop local movement within your community. Create shop local signage for your business or shop and share it with all your neighbors.  Talk to your customers about the benefits of local shopping and project the feeling of the unification within the community. Don’t hesitate to say thanks to your customers when they shop local. Make your customers feel good on their choice to shop local.
Suggest all about this to other retailers as well within your area. If you all are together, it’s the beauty of being local. Buy Local, shop local and eat local.
Use social networks and Emails:  Now that you are only talking with your customers about the benefits of local shopping, remind them about the impact of shop local through social media, SMS and emails. Showcase your brand’s personality and make yourself or your business unique. Share a monthly or weekly fact to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc. with a shop local stat.  Don’t forget to use hash tags like #ShopLocal and #SupportLocal with your messages. Just as you thank your customers whenever they visit your shop, thank them virtually too. Educate your neighborhood shops and talk to your customers about the benefits of shopping local rather than shopping on the big chain stores.
So now you are aware of all these tips, it’s time to move out and spread the shop local love.  If you wish to support your business, register your business on shopview.in. We will do all the tedious work for you. Be it spreading the word about your business on social media or supporting the neighborhood.  Register yourself through shopview.in mobile app and add your products there. Customers will order the products through the app and you will get a notification about the order. Shopview will work further; we will even provide sales boys who will send orders to the doorstep of the customers. Payment will be either credited to your account or you will get it in cash after the product delivery.

Join shopview and give technological wings to your local business for free. 
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