Monday, 20 February 2017

Top Reasons to Shop Locally in Your Neighborhood Marketplace

Dev B. Kaushik  : 

Local businesses are what make our neighbourhood unique! It is always convenient to move to the chain stores, but next time you go out for shopping, consider shopping at your neighborhood store. Here are top 10 good reasons why you should make your next shopping trip at a local store:

Shop Local- Strengthen your local community:  Recent studies have shown that when you buy from independent, locally owned small businesses, over against a global chain store a considerable amount will stay in your own community which in turn helps to stimulate economy. Local businesses generate more than 3.5 times wealth rather than the national and international retailers.

Local Involvement: Small and local business owners are integral part of communities in which they live and work. Thus, they tend to be aware of how their decisions can impact their neighbours. They even sponsor local events and participate in charity events of the community.

Community Health: Local businesses tend to be people’s business. They build relationships with their customers and often know them by their names. Many small businesses band together and form casual or formal relationships with the merchant’s association. They offer better and more personal service. Local small businesses care about getting to know their customers.

Environmental Attributes: Shopping locally helps to reduce the impact and cost of packaging and transportation. This generally means contributing less to sprawl, habitat loss and pollution.

Create More Jobs: Local small businesses are the job creators and most of these are local jobs. Rather than moving to another city, employees can easily work closer to their homes. So supporting local businesses also supports the fellow community members who work with them.

Increasing the Tax Base: When we shop at local small businesses within the communities, the tax amount will stay within the local economy, thus helping to improve the community as a whole. Likewise, small businesses tend to buy locally and pump more of their profits back to the community compared to the multi-chain businesses.

Entrepreneurship: By shopping locally, you support the dream of others. Our country has long prided itself on the ability for anyone to open their own business.

Better Customer Service If you have ever dealt with chain shops or a large corporation, you know that getting help in some cases can be nightmare. You will have to call a toll-free number and then your call will be transferred to concerned person and it might be irritation. But when you shop local, the business owner is directly connected to everyone in the store which leads to a personal approach that often means that any problem that you have is taken seriously.

More Personalised Service Having the owner locally means that he knows the customers personally. He knows which products you buy or the services you request regularly and can tailor services to make your experience even better.

Product Diversity Local businesses sell products based on the needs of the community and not as the requirements of the world. That means products sold at small business will be tailored better to meet the expectations of clients.

Buying local is more beneficial and convenient. When you support local, you will get even better service. is committed to promote local businesses in the neighborhood so that shop owners could thrive in the local marketplaces. 

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